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E.M. Scott General Contractor

Division of Blind Services

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Continuing Area Construction Manager

Division of Blind Services– Tampa, Florida

Complete Interior demolition and Construction


GMP: $907,335         COST AT COMPLETION: $841,098


Current Phase of Development:  Complete

Anticipated Completion Date:  September 15, 2006

Actual Completion Date:  September 15, 2006



Project Team

Mark Scott– Estimator

Robert Fischer– Project Manager

Ed Christ Jr.– Superintendent

Owner’s Representative                                       Architect / Engineer

Department of Management  Services               Carruthers and Associates Architects

State of Florida


Florida Department of Education

Division of Blind Services

Project No. 05-290 – Division of Blind Services

We provided services as the Continuing Area CM at Risk for the State of Florida Department of Management Services for Area 5.  Provide temporary modular offices to relocate operations from building.  Performed interior remodel and complete interior renovation of building, including offices, classroom, conference room, restrooms, etc. Provided all new HVAC. Upgraded electrical systems. Performed exterior improvements including landscaping, roof repairs, fascia replacement, parking lot  improvements and resurfacing, new fence and gate, new entrance canopy, sidewalk replacement, and painting of exterior. Security improvements included keypad access at gate. Life Safety improvements included new fir alarm system, relocation of walls to allow for proper emergency egress, and color schemes to allow for greater distinction of spaces for the visually impaired. Special precautions were taken to insure the safety and access of visually impaired customers, employees and their clients, that remained on site using the temporary offices.


Construction Services Provided: CM at Risk with Guaranteed Max Price